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A dear friend Ram, shared this testimony. He and his wife Maria, were returning from India and were stopped at the Dubai customs. In a blink of an eye, Ram was surrounded by cops and whisked away… An absolutely shocked Maria managed to shove her rosary (which she was holding) into Ram’s hand, before he disappeared. This was just the beginning of the nightmare 😨. To make a long, true story short, Ram an accountant, was charged with fraud (allegedly committed in a previous job). The organization which Maria and Ram currently worked for, knowing Ram’s integrity, followed up his case with the police and all charges were eventually dropped . The investigation showed that Ram’s previous boss was the culprit and Ram was completely innocent. However, by then, they were unable to trace Ram’s whereabouts as he was moved from jail to jail 😨.

Ram was a Hindu at the time of this incident and did not know any prayers other than the “Hail Mary and Holy Mary…” which he had heard Maria praying. He had the rosary minus the cross of Jesus, as the guards had ripped the cross from the rosary. Ram would keep repeating the Hail and Holy Mary while enduring 39 lashes daily. Maria too fasted and prayed the rosary incessantly. Miraculously, Ram was able to send a telephone message regarding his whereabouts to Maria, via a stranger who was visiting Ram, as part of a church prison ministry. He was finally brought back to Dubai and given a heroes’ welcome by the top management of his company. Ram had been through 14 jails across several countries in the Middle East, over a period of 9 months!

The rosary is an ‘epitome of the whole gospel.’ We exalt Jesus’s life, public ministry, death and resurrection in the Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorious mysteries.

Ram and Maria and many of us have understood and witnessed firsthand, the power of the rosary in our lives. Yet, there are many who say pretty nasty things about the rosary. So, I decided to ask Jesus why I should pray the rosary when I can talk directly to him! Jesus made me smile 😊 when he reminded me that I am in fact listening and talking directly to him, when I am meditating on his life and speaking his WORD, in the rosary.

Jesus also reminded me of my desire to imitate him and said, “no one knows me better than my mother.” It was Mama Mary who taught Jesus all the scriptures and prayers so he was able to do his Father’s business in the temple at Jerusalem (Lk 2:49). It was Mama Mary who helped prepare the apostles to receive the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, in the upper room. “She will reveal secrets to you through the Holy Spirit, which are not recorded in the WORD, as only my mother knew me for 30 years of my private life. My mother was the only person present during my birth, suffering, and death. She stayed by my side, and will stay by your side too, if you invite her into your heart and home.”

When I asked Jesus whether the rosary was a “vain repetitious prayer” (Mt 6:7), he laughed and said, “I love to hear my children repeat my WORD. It is almost like a practice session for heaven where the angels sing “Hallelujah! Hallelujah!” incessantly.” However, it is important that we say the rosary meditatively and meaningfully, not like a bullet train or in slow motion, as humorously explained by Deacon Dave in the powerful Marian Consecration series.

There is nothing repetitious or vain in repeating the “Our Father who art in heaven…” (Mt 6:9-13) or addressing Mary as “Hail Mary full of grace… blessed are thou” (Lk 1:28), as the angel did. In fact, Jesus said, “I DELIGHT WHEN YOU HONOUR MY MOTHER as I too honoured her when I was on earth. She is now your mother. I even brought forward my public ministry because I can refuse my mother nothing! And my mother’s compassionate heart sees what is good for you and can refuse you nothing.” ❤️ We can never honour Mary more than Jesus because she takes everything we give her and pours it into Jesus’s Sacred Heart. Mary’s goal is to lead us to LOVE JESUS and BE IN UNION WITH HIM, just as she was.

Our Lady of the Rosary, thank you for battling against the evil one in this world and protecting my soul for your son Jesus. The Holy Spirit prepared you to become the original tabernacle for Jesus. Dear Mother of God, thank you for interceding for me to become a LIVING TABERNACLE for your son Jesus.

To be continued…..