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A couple of weeks ago I discovered Chromecast which overnight turned my un-smart TV into a smart TV. 😀 If only life was so simple🌟 I can now watch my new favourite series THE CHOSEN (Vidangel Original-which I highly recommend) on my TV instead of my small phone. I was so excited about my discoveries that I wanted to shout it from the mountain top🗣, but I could already hear an echo “stale news🙄 .” Anyway, it reminded me of an epiphany of GOD’s ABUNDANT LOVE I had after a residential Bible study… when I could not stop talking about the LOVE OF JESUS, leaping 🔥 out of every page of the Bible.

But first a flash back into my past to understand why the rediscovering of the Love of Jesus, was so important for me. I was going through a really difficult time during my twenties (the annulment of my marriage from the Church – perhaps a story for another Coffee with Jesus). I was battling depression 😔 with unhealthy habits and long working hours. I was good at putting on a happy face and in fact, I climbed up the corporate ladder very quickly during that phase of my life. But only I knew, that I was also seeing a psycho-analyst and yet, I was suicidal. I had 3 definite suicidal plans and near attempts.

But for the grace of God 🙏 and my FAITH, I am alive today 🤗.

It was shortly after this phase of my life, that I rediscovered God’s love 🔥 for me during the Bible study retreat!

I share this today as I am receiving several calls to counsel or pray for young people, many of whom believed they were self-made, had great life skills and were in control of their lives. But now, are grappling to make sense of this spiralling out-of-control Covid situation, loss of life as they knew it, emptiness and the meaningless of life and hence struggling with anxiety, depression and many are resorting to suicide. Just today I read of another suicide.

So, I decided to share what saved my life – it was the FAITH 🙇🏻‍♀️ HANDED down to me by my MOTHER during my CHILDHOOD. Hurting my mum, dad and Jesus were three of the biggest “barriers” to suicide, for me. Even though, my faith was very minimal at that time, as I did not have an intimate relationship with Jesus, YET, it was this invisible connection to God, who was so much bigger than my problems, that kept holding me back, or it might have been quite another story🤦‍♀️ !

In my despair, I could not pray, but the words of the hymns we sang in church, kept ringing in my ears, “cast your burdens onto Jesus for he cares for you” (1 Pet 5:7) and the “joy of the Lord is my strength”(Neh 8:10). In my pain, I could not feel God’s love, and yet there were all these parables of Jesus (that dad used to play on our record player when we were children), that kept floating around in my being, reminding me that Jesus loved me. ❤️ 🤗

Talking to people has often confirmed how faith or the lack of it, impacts the handling of crisis. When I was in the US, I remember talking to a very distraught woman, who did not believe in God or eternal life. All she wanted to do was to kill herself and “lie in the dust next to her daughter who had overdosed on drugs.” Shortly after, I spoke to another mother who had a deep faith in Jesus, and who had also just lost her son in a shootout. He was an innocent bystander. Amidst tears, she held onto hope that she would one day be reunited with him in heaven. She had no suicidal thoughts.

I am not suggesting that people who have faith in God, do not commit suicide. But I have often witnessed how life-enhancing strength, peace that surpasses understanding, trust in a God who loves, support from a faith community or a childhood prayer, have sometimes been barriers to suicide. 🙏 😇

Someone once told me that she would not impart faith to her children as she did not want to impose on them🤐, and would leave the choice to them when they grew older! But the same children had no choice about school, sports, and other extra activities! I wondered, if children are not exposed to the Love of God through the Sacraments and the Word of God, do they really have a choice later on🤔 ?

Even if many young people are leaving their faith today😔 , they have been gifted with a powerful WEAPON of FAITH IN A POWER, BIGGER THAN THEMSELVES, to rely upon when life throws a curve ball or when all else fails, just like I did. I don’t have all the answers but I know JESUS IS THE ANSWER and He makes good come out of everything, for those who love him and believe in his purpose (Rom 8:28).

As a wounded healer, I pray with all my heart that every single person teaches their children what matters most 🗣…

JESUS IS ALIVE AND HE LOVES YOU “…. be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age🔥 ” (Mt 28:20)

Amen. Praise Jesus!